Staff Directory

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*To report attendance, please email [email protected]

*To schedule a tour or inquire about enrollment, please email [email protected]


Msgr. Joseph Schaedel, Pastor Email

Mr. Johnathan Grismore, Principal Email

Mrs. Jennifer Schaefer, Asst. Principal Email 

Mrs. Kate Bruner, Academic Coordinator & Math Enrichment Email

Mrs. Jamie Ruff, Preschool Director Email

Office Staff 

Mrs. Tigon Dausman, Admin Assistant Email

Mrs. Martha Finneran, Admin Assistant Email

Mrs. Rachel Koch, Registrar Email

Mrs. Sarah Souers, Office Manager Email

Support Staff

Mrs. Megan Chandler, Technology Coordinator Email

Mrs. Cindy Cimaglio, Cafeteria Manager Email

Mrs. Toni Gillig, School Nurse (M-W) Email

Miss Kate Jimenez, Literacy Specialist Email

Mrs. Katie Masilonis, School Nurse (Th-F) Email

Mrs. Tera Nutter, School Counselor Email

Mr. Mark Paras, Buildings & Grounds/Gr 7-8 Discipline Email

Mr. Jay Snyder, Athletic Director/Facilities Email

Student Support

Mrs. Lauren Kashman, K-2 Resource Email

Mrs. Lola Paras, K-2 Resource Assistant Email

Mrs. Meghan Isles, Gr 3-4 Resource Email

Mrs. Christi Garrison, Gr 3-4 Resource Assistant

Mrs. Catherine Haigerty, Gr 5-6 Resource Email

Mrs. Lisa Derringer, Gr 5-6 Resource Assistant

Ms. Amy Bruges, Gr 7-8 Resource Email

Mrs. Lillian Bingle, Gr 7-8 Resource Assistant

Mrs. Kelley Elliott, English Language Learners Email

Mrs. Tara Strohl, ELA Enrichment Email


Mrs. Jamie Collins Email

Mrs. Bis Feldmann Email

Mrs. Amy Kelly Email

1st Grade

Mrs. Caroline Daly Email 

Mrs. Jenny Littrell Email

Mrs. Heather Monger Email

2nd Grade

Mrs. Jacque Bacon Email

Mrs. Ali Liphard Email

Miss Grace Tatarek Email

3rd Grade

Mrs. Joy Arquette Email

Mrs. Mary Snively Email

Mrs. Kim Wertz Email

4th Grade

Mrs. Elizabeth Hicks Email

Mrs. Erin McPeek Email

Mrs. Leslie Price Email 

5th Grade Homeroom

Mrs. Sara Clark, 5/6 ELA Email

Mr. Zach Brown, 5/6 Literature Email

Mrs. Kit O'Neill, 5/6 Religion Email

6th Grade Homeroom

Ms. Allison Horn, 5/6 Math Email

Mr. Chris Moore, 5/6 Social Studies Email

Mr. Justin Scott, 5/6 Science Email

7th Grade Homeroom

Mrs. Tapanga Burgess, 7/8 Spanish Email

Mrs. Kylie Griffith, 8th Grade English Email

Mrs. Betsy Jeatran, 7th Grade English Email

Mrs. Rachel Boyer, 8th Grade English Email

Miss Sarah Walley, 7/8 Math Email

8th Grade Homeroom

Mrs. Cayley Coss, 7/8 Science Email

Miss Maria Cossell, 7/8 Religion Email

Mrs. Lexi Smith, 7/8 Science Email

Dr. Adrian Willett, 7/8 Social Studies Email

Special Areas

Mrs. Katie Brown, Art Email

Mrs. Jennifer Burns, Library & Latin Facilitator Email

Mrs. Chris Carlyle, Gr K-4 Physical Education Email

Mrs. Elizabeth Finney, STEM Email 

Mr. Jared LaFond, General Music and Band Email

Mrs. Kathleen Prater, General Music and Strings Email

Mrs. Pam Scheck, Gr 5-8 Physical Education Email

Instructional Assistants

Mrs. Gwen Berenyi, Kindergarten

Mrs. Lynn Fink, Kindergarten/2nd Grade

Mrs. Heidi Smid, Kindergarten

Mrs. Loran Steinmetz, Kindergarten/2nd Grade

Mrs. Leslie Renkens, 1st Grade

Miss Grace Sorrells, 1st Grade

Mrs. Katy Sorrells, 1st Grade

Mrs. Ellen Lucas, 2nd Grade

Mrs. Emily Barda, 3rd Grade

Mrs. Trish Biggs, 4th Grade/7th & 8th Grade

Mrs. Elizabeth Snook, 5th Grade

Sister Lenitta Mary, 6th Grade

Mrs. Jennifer Tabor, 7th & 8th Grade

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